Effective July 22


Due to recent surges in the number of COVID cases in the state and country, we will be reverting to our previous protocol of not allowing anyone into the clinic until further notice, with a few rare exceptions. All appointments will be handled by curbside service and telephone communication. 

Also, the clinic will be closed on Friday, August 7. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that this will cause.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding.

New Protocols Effective July 1


On June 1, the Kentucky Board of Veterinary Examiners issued a new set of orders regarding protocols that must be followed as the current restrictions are being eased, and they will be kept in place until the State of Emergency is lifted. Their overriding directive is our responsibility to protect the health of the public, and we are adopting policies with that in mind. Below you will find an explanation of the different aspects of our practice that have or will change. If you would like to view the actual order, go to kybve.com click on Covid-19 Updates, Statements from the Board, June 1, 2020 Email Message.


Hours of Operation

Since the pandemic began we have been closed on Saturdays and, while we realize that this inconveniences some of our clients, we feel it necessary to continue this indefinitely. We are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday with closure from noon to 1:00 pm for lunch.


Medicine Pickups

If you are just picking something up (medication, prescription, etc) or dropping something off, we will still use the white cabinet on the porch to facilitate that. We will also be more than happy to mail any prescriptions. Orders over $50 will be shipped free, anything under that will be charged an $8 shipping charge. We also have an online pharmacy that can be accessed from a link found later on this page or on  our Facebook page.



We are encouraged to use telemedicine as often as possible. We are currently offering this in two forms:

  1. texting or emailing photos to the clinic cell phone or email address;
  2. scheduling a virtual visit where the appointment is done via Zoom, which has been embedded into our veterinary software.

The fee for this is the same as our brief exam fee, and if we still need you to bring your pet in, there would be no additional exam charge. This can only be utilized for patients who have been seen by us within the last 12 months. If you are interested in taking advantage of our telemedicine services please call 606-759-7115 for more details.


Along these same lines, all of our clients have their own online portal that can be accessed to view your pet’s medical history and reminders or to update your personal information.


Surgical, Groom, Boarding and Drop-off Appointments

These appointments will continue to be conducted as they currently are – call when you arrive, place your pet in a carrier (either your own or ours) on the porch or place them inside the walk-in kennel, and one of our staff will come out to get it after you return to your vehicle. Pickup will occur in the same manner.


With any of these situations, but particularly boarding, we are not allowed to take in any items such as bedding, food, toys, clothing, etc.


It is very important to arrive as close to your scheduled drop-off and pick-up times as possible in order to achieve social distancing in our parking lot and to allow us to more efficiently serve everyone.


Regular Appointments – changes will become effective Wednesday, July 1, 2020

This is the area with the most change and most rules. First the rules from the Board:

  1. Only one individual per family may enter the clinic.
  2. Anyone entering the building must wear a mask or facial covering that completely covers the mouth and nose.
  3. Anyone entering the building must have their temperature taken before entering. Anyone with a temperature of 100o F will not be allowed entry. We have a no-contact infrared thermometer which will be used for this purpose.
  4. Exam rooms must be completely disinfected between appointments.
  5. The waiting area must be closed.


Based upon these regulations posted by the Board, the following will be our protocol:

  • Please arrive as close to your scheduled appointment time as possible.
  • Call the clinic (606-759-7115) from your vehicle upon arrival.
  • One of the staff will gather the pertinent information from you over the phone.
  • When we are ready to see you, someone will call you and let you into the building.
  • If you prefer to remain in your car (as we have currently been doing), you can place your pet in a carrier (either your own or ours) on the porch or place them inside the walk-in kennel, and one of our staff will come out to get it once you return to your vehicle.
  • If you choose to enter the building, you must wear a mask or facial covering that completely covers the mouth and nose. Our staff will also be masked and those handling your pet will have gloves on.
  • Prior to entry, your temperature must be taken by the staff. This will be done using a no-contact infrared thermometer. Anyone with a temperature above 100o F will not be allowed into the building.
  • We ask that during the appointment you stand just inside the exam room doorway in the designated area.
  • If you are paying by card, we will do that verbally rather than passing the card to the receptionist. At this time we are still allowed to take cash and checks if you prefer that method, but all payment transactions must be done in the exam room.
  • Upon exiting, the exam room will be disinfected as per the Board requirements. This will obviously take a little time so appointment times will be longer than before.


If the pandemic worsens, these changes could revert to previous guidelines if so ordered.


The Kentucky Board of Veterinary Examiners has informed all veterinarians in the state that failure to comply with these regulations will result in disciplinary action, which may include suspension of our veterinary licensure, but even more important than that is our commitment to protecting the health of the public.


While we feel that these measures will be in place for several months if not longer, rest assured that we are following these because we are committed to protecting your health, the health of our staff and the health of our patients. We respectfully ask for your cooperation and patience as we implement these protocols, and we sincerely thank you for continuing to trust us with the health of your pet.



Please Read This If You Feed Your Dog A Grain-Free Diet



Recent studies have shown a definitive link between grain-free diets and a heart disease called dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs, which can be fatal. If you currently feed a diet that is labeled as grain-free, we strongly encourage you to switch to a commercial diet that meets the Association of American Feed Control Officials standards.


If you have any questions, please call us at (606) 759-7115.


Thank you.


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